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Welcome to Biker Basics Motorcycle Academy

We are a family run motorcycle rider training school with a collective fifty years plus of all-weather riding experience between us.

We teach basic, intermediate and advanced level riding skills to riders of just about any kind of motorised two-wheeled vehicle available. We specialise in getting absolute beginners to enjoy riding and we strive to ensure that both competence and confidence are increased with each and every lesson. We never stop learning new techniques and we continually pass these on to our learners at all levels of instruction to ensure our learners remain safe through competence and skill.

Whether you ride a pocket rocket, scooter, cruiser, sports bike, trail bike, trials bike, scrambler, tourer, motard or superbike we have a program for you. We look forward to seeing you in one or more of our courses soon.


We believe that learning to ride a motorcycle correctly, competently and safely is far more important than just getting you to pass the K53 motorcycle test. Safety through knowledge is what we strive to instill in every rider.Safety through knowledge is what we strive to instill in every rider.

We believe that obtaining the drivers licence should be a by-product of being able to effectively control the machine you are seated astride. We believe that riding skill should be developed to ensure rider safety as a priority.

Attaining your motorcycle licence we believe is just the first tentative step on the path of learning to be bike safe and road savvy. It is the start of a new adventure on two wheels not the end of one.

We believe that everyone should learn to ride like his/her life depends on it......because IT DOES!


The average motorcycle cop spends more time in the saddle in a week than most bikers do in a month. They ride every day in all weather conditions, rain or shine, light or heavy traffic volumes, peak hour or midday residential area traffic.

They survive each day intact and uninjured whether under normal riding or pursuit conditions simply because of their training. This requires a level of skill and awareness few fully understand. The motorcycle cop is a true professional rider.


We believe you too should have the survival skills of the professional motorcyclist. We believe these skills will make you a better, safer, competent and responsible rider. Every biker who is injured or killed on our roads is a preventable injury or death. We believe proper training will reduce motorcycle related tragedies. Invest in your future .......get meaningful professional rider training today.


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