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Course 5 - Basic Road Skills


Course Duration : 8 hrs (as a full day or in 2 hr sessions)

This follows after your successful completion of the K53 test preparation course and the acquisition of your driver's licence.

The newly licensed rider is now taken onto the road network and gently introduced to the real world of motorcycle survival.

It is designed to ensure that the skills you were tested on, can be safely applied to the real road network.

The course covers the content of the K53 manual in terms of awareness and riding procedure for moving off, stopping and turning left and right, but  does so in the actual traffic environment.

The aim is to build confidence and gain riding experience gently and at your own pace,

It allows the new rider to carefully explore this new environment to which s/he has just been allowed official access.

The Road Skills learner is shadowed by an instructor who remains in radio communication throughout and guides the rider along the way.

The Basic Road Skills course is provided on low traffic volume urban roads. It is only provided by day and on dry tarred road surfaces.
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