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Course 9 - Intermediate Road Skills


Course Duration: 8 hrs (full day or in 2 hr sessions)

This is the course that takes you out into main road traffic.

Exposure here is to main roads and multi-laned dual-carriageway roads with moderate to heavy traffic volumes.

Emphasis is on developing awareness of the hazards identified in the environment and preparing to avoid them long before they become a real threat.
Negotiating busy intersections and completing successful left and right turns with your instructor ever present and providng guidance and caution via two way radio.

Remember this course is provided on moderate to heavy traffic volume urban roads. It is provided by day or night and on the tarred road surfaces Mother Nature provides on the day.

Single file and staggered riding formations are practised when learning to ride in groups. Awareness of the traffic environment is constantly practised and re-inforced by practical application.
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