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Course 4 - K53 test Preparation

Course Duration : 4 hrs. Here you will learn how to correctly and competently perform the exercises required by the South African K53 motorcycle test.

Covered in this segment is the entire practical test format and sequence including amongst others: The prescribed pre-trip inspection of the motorcycle. The required mounting procedure and move off sequence.
Thereafter you will learn how to successfully complete the speed management exercise, the left-turn sequence and the lane change all while completing all the required observations, blind-spot checks and signal activation and deactivation.

You will practice the incline start and learn to move off from stationary on a hill without rolling backwards.

You will demonstrate acceleration through a curve from both the right and left at the required test speed. You will complete the course as is done in the actual test by safely completing the emergency stop and/or swerve sequence. Successful completion of this course indicates readiness to take the offical test.

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