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Course 2 - Beginner/ Novice Rider


Course Duration is generally 9 to 12 hours but time frame often varies from person to person. (Some can complete this in 4 hrs some can't in 40hrs)

This is a course covering both theory and practical aspects of safely riding a motorcycle. It takes the absolute beginner through the transition from only ever having ridden a bicycle before to riding a fully manual motorcycle. Lessons are generally provided on smaller 125cc,150cc and 200 cc engined machines. Gearboxes of these machines are 5-speed Acyclic.

In this course you as an absolute beginner with no experience at all will learn how to start the motorcycle and move off safely.

You will learn to steer the machine under power and you will learn to stop it safely. You will be taught how to make left and right turns and how to change gears. Correct clutch control and braking application is developed in this course to ensure that you understand how the machine works and which controls produce the desired outcomes. Instruction is strictly one on one and the instructor will give you his undivided attention throughout.
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