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Course 12 - Precision Riding

Course duration : Indeterminate - The course is open and runs every week.

Riders who join this program do so as an ongoing commitment to improving their precision riding skill. The bulk of this course content consists of practising the skills acquired to achieve the desired exercise outcome in each week.  

This is the course for the rider who has mastered handling skills and is comfortable with slow riding technique.

It seeks to develop and enhance the slow riding techniques required to help you keep the chosen formation as part of a motorcycle display or motorcycle drill team.

The objective of this course is to prepare the rider for the thrilling world of display or drill team riding as seen performed by police riders the world over.

This course comprises various techniques employed to maintain pace, dressage and position in close quarter formation riding.

It improves on balance and focus and allows the graduate to participate in public riding skill demonstrations and displays.

This includes four abreast and four deep boox formations with turns and angular crossovers, eights and cavalry turns, rolling linear slaloms and head-on crossover manouvres among  a host of other exercises. This is for the rider who enjoys a challenge.
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