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Course 7 - Rider Proficiency

Course Duration : 1 day - 8 hours  - course content covers an initial competence assessment establishing ability to maintain straight path of travel into a u-turn, covering the correct use of brakes, use of clutch, full or half clutch, slipping or riding, placement of head and eyes, shoulders and arms, pivot points and use of elbows, riding posture and position of feet and knees in turns.

It ensures the stability of the machine in the turn and determines the required corrective action for each rider. It includes several handling skills exercises requiring slow speed control and balance. it enforces situational awareness and requires that focus be maintained on the task at hand. It covers evasive manouvres both in straight lines and while leaning into turns.

It covers emergency braking and appropriate vehicle placement under varying conditions. It covers advanced cornering techniques and deals with body position, weight placement, mindset, awareness of road conditions and it explores the capabilities of the machine being ridden. It covers hazard identification and avoidance and generally improves rider ability and proficiency.
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